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Own Element Dice 4’s new collection & scientists and every dice collector you know will envy you! Check out the super cool Full Periodic Table Dice Stand along with all 10 new elements including carbon, cobalt, chromium, lead, zirconium, molybdenum, cadmium, gadolinium, and more! Go ahead, geek out… Element Dice™ are ALWAYS as close to 100% Pure Element as possible.

Animal Adventures
Ending Soon! 5e campaign with 10 new player species, 30+ minis, & more!
An innovative, thinky, puzzle-like board game with layers of strategy and unique mechanics.
Lumeria: War of the Gods
Just Launched! Asymmetrical battle-card game where players take on the role of Gods.
Ending Soon! A book of narrative and worldly spells 5E DnD.
Detained: Too Good for School
Irresponsible Schoolgirl Simulator. 2D action RPG with simulation elements.
Spire’s End: Hildegard
This is a solo and cooperative card game adventure set in the world of Spire’s End.
The Devil Made Us Do It
Save existence as we know it in this unique zero-prep RPG.
Distilled – Final 24 Hours!
Craft spirits from around the world in this highly thematic strategy card game!
Jasper Modular Shelves
A customizable storage solution designed to fit into your home and your life.
The Menagerie
An adventure with all-new 3D printable miniatures, 5E compatible adventure & more!
Rat Queens: To the Slaughter
Last Chance! Save Palisade from destruction in this cooperative board game. 
Deadly & Sunken Skull Dice
Final 24 Hours! Precision metal dice & brass dice. Durable & beautiful. 
Alkander’s Almanac
Ending Soon! A modular 5e rules expansion for combat, exploration, & more.
Capes & Crooks: 5E RPG
Final 24 Hours! A 5e superhero RPG where you customize your characters with powers.

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