Webinar Invite: Turn Social Media Followers into Crowdfunding Backers

 Gaming Favorites

A 5th edition campaign setting based on the hit Youtube series by Dingo Doodles and Felix Irnich. Fool’s Gold: Into the Bellowing Wilds takes place in the world’s deadliest jungle where everything wants to kill you! Fun! Get brand-new wilder magic, curse charts that will definitely excite GMs, and more! 

Senjutsu – Just Launched!
A tense, fast-play Samurai duelling game, with beautiful miniatures, showdowns & more!
Tales from the Red Dragon Inn
Put down your flagons & strap on your swords, it’s time for adventure! For 1-4P.
The Lazy DM’s Companion
A book of 5e RPG guidelines and inspirational generators to help D&D DMs.
Age of Sails and Dice
Hand-painted Age of Sails ships inside handcrafted sharp edge dice, made in the UK
Play as rival wildlife photographers on a hunt to snap pics of the elusive birds-of-paradise.
Skinny Minis 2
An easier way to mini. Durable, beautiful, affordable minis. New art & tons of freebies!
Paint the Roses
Try to outsmart the Queen of Hearts in this cooperative game of logic and discussion.
Beware of Beard – Final Hours
It’s like Russian Roulette – Bear Style. Strategy, disaster, laughs, sabotage & more.

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Wondering how to turn your social media followers into crowdfunding backers? Tune in to our latest webinar on Wednesday, October 20th at 10 AM PST and find out how.

Lead Ads for Kickstarter

Lead ads are one of the most cost-effective ways to build your email list before your Kickstarter launch. Here’s a step-by-step setup guide.





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