TEGN – Redux is a new way to experience the trilogy by Even Mehl Amundsen. They’ve added new art and stories, combined the three books into one big volume, and rearranged and reduced the existing content in a more cohesive way. TEGN, as it was supposed to be!
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Invisible Sun – JUST LAUNCHED!
One of the most astonishing and sought-after RPGs ever is back into print!
Deathmatch Island
A game about a deadly gameshow on a mysterious island chain.
Grand Guignol & Harvest
JUST LAUNCHED! A historical horror double-feature TTRPG.
The World Below
A tabletop roleplaying game of subterranean fantasy, horror, and exploration.
Mothersound – ENDING SOON!
The first short story anthology set in a shared fictional world based on African cultures.
Molly House
A game of queer joy and betrayal in 18th century London.
Grimtooth’s Old-School Traps
JUST LAUNCHED! The book of old-school RPG traps returns for 5E and DCC RPG!
An anthology chronicling the 
day-to-day life of Indigenous nerds from 12+ artists!
An illustrated full-color 8.5” x 11” hardcover book of brand new D&D 5e spells.
Leif & Thorn Vol. 6 – ENDING SOON!
An original, LGBTQ-centric, fantasy webcomic about a magic knight.
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