The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game is a hefty hardcover book. It contains the full rules of the game, a detailed character creation system, lots of game advice, a comprehensive look at the characters, artefacts, and entities of The Magnus Archives, and entire adventures ready to play!

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Innovation Ultimate
Carl Chudyk’s Innovation. A full box that adds Age 11 cards to each set & an expansion.
Pocket EDC organizer offers ample storage straps for security.
Clockwork Tower
Uncover the secrets of the Clockwork Tower i
n this mysterious DnD 5e adventure.
Children of Eldair Book 4
A 172-page isekai graphic novel about three girls trapped in a fantastical world!
Adventure In The 100 Acre Wood
A DnD one-shot adventure featuring the classic Winnie The Pooh characters.

Cosmic Cow Collector & More!
Three great board games, from Latin American designers.
Unnatural Selection
Supplement adds classes, ancestries, adventures for Shadowdark RPG use!
90s Starter Pack: 2nd Edition
FINAL HOURS! The second edition of the 90s-inspired enamel pin series
Alchemy Generator
A 180+ page compendium, filled with hundreds of ingredients and more!
The Eldritch Tales
An anthology of comics inspired by the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu mythos.

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