From legendary DnD designer Monte Cook! The Weird helps you make every encounter, adventure, and even campaign more engaging, memorable, and fun—no matter what game you’re playing. From interesting to surprising to over-the-top gonzo—and even whimsical—these sorts of details will fill your games with color and life. 

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ArchRavels: Magic Socks
JUST LAUNCHED! The first expansion featuring ArchRavels Theme Packs & more.
A cooperative boardgame about stopping climate change, by the creator of Pandemic.
Coyote & Crow
Stories of the Free Lands – the first expansion for Coyote & Crow the Roleplaying Game.
Guardian Planet Crystal Pin Set
Limited edition antique silver color plated pins in the shape of planetary symbols & more.
LAUNCHES NEXT WEEK! Join us on a D&D & Cats-inspired enamel pin campaign!

New Avernus – JUST LAUNCHED!
An apocalyptic city-building board game for 1-4 players by Publishing Goblin.
StarKid Returns
New projects from Team StarKid including a creative incubator + a holiday concert tour!
Baby Bestiary – FINAL 4 DAYS!
Adorable Baby Bestiary calendar by CatBat Art featuring coffee roasters, FoundFamiliar.
New TTRPG. Sign up + get adorable Boorista Ghost stickers as a bonus when you pledge!
Nightmare Fuel
LAUNCHES NEXT WEEK! Three Bestiary Volumes for the Dungeon Fantasy RPG.

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