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There are thousands of live crowdfunding projects to discover every week, so we’re here to show you the best ones. In this bimonthly newsletter, we are highlighting Black creators and their projects. We, as BackerKit, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. Read our statement here.

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Scarlet Ranger #2: Inheritance Part 2 opens up where we left off in issue 1. Scarlet Ranger finds himself fighting a mysterious swordsman who is hellbent on killing him. While the issue is packed with action, there is also a bit of a mystery that Deon must unravel, sparked by the revelation that his grandfather, the original Scarlet Ranger, did not die by natural causes as he was led to believe.

John Haynes: At Death’s Door
The Man Who Rules The World Takes on the Greek god of Death.
Queen Alora
A diverse children’s book about bringing joy to the people around you.
Tatale: Expanding the reach of African cuisines
Help support the opening of my Pan-African restaurant Tatale.
The Continental Approach – Innovative African Ideas
Get to know the young Africans creating, innovating, and making a difference.
A short film about the social expectation of Black women to always be ‘strong.’
ECHO Immersion
An immersive experience about the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and racialized violence.
Immortal Dark Manga Issue #2
Black supernatural martial arts manga series centered around the process of healing.
An organization striving to make Foundational Black History accessible.
1-2-3: The Beauty of Diversity
A fun and interactive counting book. 
Break Free
A documentary and book uncovering the truth of human trafficking in Africa.

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