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There are thousands of live crowdfunding projects to discover every week, so we’re here to show you the best ones. In this bimonthly newsletter, we are highlighting Black creators and their projects. We, as BackerKit, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand against racism and anti-blackness, police brutality, and the systemic racial injustices that the Black community faces. You can read our statement here.

ZUFAN is a Pan-African sci-fi story about unity despite differences – a feat that is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve in our present-day lives! Despite the differences in background, values, and rivalry between various Ethiopian provinces, Ethiopians successfully defended against an Italian invasion in 1896 & became the only African nation to retain independence during the Scramble for Africa. This series of events became the inspiration for ZUFAN.

Mio’s Wish
A children’s picture book about a Japanese & African Canadian girl striving for acceptance.
Kalymba: The Roleplaying Game
NEW! An innovative African-inspired tabletop RPG. Become a legend of Aiye!
Dark Continent Playing Cards
A hand-drawn deck of playing cards based on African history and culture by Chaka.
Saharan Reign #1
In an alternate Africa, rival warlords reign over territories in a superhero universe.
A book dedicated to black men to shed light on how to secure a prosperous future.
Jiro Nimbus
Mr. Nimbus lives in a village in Japan. Jiro is good at predicting things… just not accurately.
The Black Femme Tarot | New!
A tarot deck following the traditional RWS system, drawn in a modern cartoon style.
Lester Sloan’s Archives
NEW! Preserve the legacy of a Black photojournalist to help digitize his life’s work.
Heavy Is The Hand
Comic book series about a black woman who plots revenge with a cosmic sledgehammer.
A skincare company on a mission to help single moms rebuild stability through a co-op.

REPLAY: Kickstarter Page Reviews

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