Flight Satchel 2.0 - Heirloom-quality Leather Bag For Those Who Travel Light.

Flight Satchel 2.0 - Heirloom-quality Leather Bag For Those Who Travel Light.

Improved Closure Design + Zippered Closure Option!
4 months ago
by Allegory Handcrafted Goods
Hey all!

We love doing these projects. BackerKit's slogan "backers make it better" has definitely been our experience over the years, and we're getting lots of stellar feedback both from backers and folks in our community who are still considering joining the project. We were able to come up with a really elegant solution for a couple of the most discussed items. Details below:

1. Snap Closure

Some folks pointed out that they would prefer if the snap closure flap laid a little more flat. We were able to adjust the position of the snap holes very slightly to put just the right amount of tension on the flap.  The results were awesome - check it out!

2. New Zippered Closure Option

One of our most popular requests was a for a zippered closure, and we were able to complete that design today! We love how it came out. Everyone will now have the option to choose their preferred closure style in the post project survey! No need to make any changes to your existing pledge to have this option.

user avatar image for Karine Langley
4 months ago

I am not sure what's up with my payment. If it fails I will do paypak

Looks great !

user avatar image for Pierre Flamand
4 months ago

Thank you for bringing the zippered closure option! I have the 1.0 flight satchel and, although I found the snap closure easy and quick to use, I would really prefer a zippered closure as it is definitely safer, especially when traveling.

user avatar image for kimberley wetmore
4 months ago

Love it, i prefer the zipper Plus the snaps for esthetics. Gives you the beat of both worlds

Zipper or snaps? Zipper or snaps? I can’t choooosse 😩 … I think the zipper will work better… BUT I love the aesthetic of the snaps… I… don’t suppose… I could have both? Like a zipper but with a flap with snaps over it? Is that being OTT?

user avatar image for Falk Hübner
4 months ago

Very very nice! Is this a good moment to ask if you could take a look at making two pen slots possible...? Best wishes! Falk

Falk Right now we only have space for two on the large messenger. Which one were you looking at? - Chad

user avatar image for Falk Hübner
4 months ago

Hi Chad, I have pledged for the regular Messenger. Thanks for the quick reply!

Falk, Shoot me an chad@allegorygoods.com and let's discuss options

meant to say shoot me an email lol, typing too fast.

This is great! I prefer the zipper option. I'm not a fan of snap closures.

I have a question about the "making your own colorway" option. I like the coffee colored leather, but I don't care for the black strap. Will I be able to choose a brown strap that matches the color of the coffee colored leather, the same way that the saddle colored leather has a brown strap that matches? Thank you!

Yep! You'll have three options for strap color. Two of them are shades of brown.

Awesome! Especially the zipper option - TBH, if I'd noticed the original design only had snaps, I probably would've passed, so thanks!

It's really impressive how responsive you all are. I've been part of a lot of other crowdfunding ventures where we just get crickets for months. Thank you for listening to feedback and more importantly, updating us.

This is one of the benefits to us manufacturing in-house, we can tweak designs so much faster than if we had a design firm and a factory between us and the product. It comes with other challenges but this is one of the bonuses for sure.

user avatar image for Falk Hübner
4 months ago

Hi Chad, just checking, did you get my email? Cheers, Falk

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