Jess Schumacher (Allegory Co-Founder)
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Improved Closure Design + Zippered Closure Option!

Hey all!

We love doing these projects. BackerKit's slogan "backers make it better" has definitely been our experience over the years, and we're getting lots of stellar feedback both from backers and folks in our community who are still considering joining the project. We were able to come up with a really elegant solution for a couple of the most discussed items. Details below:

1. Snap Closure

Some folks pointed out that they would prefer if the snap closure flap laid a little more flat. We were able to adjust the position of the snap holes very slightly to put just the right amount of tension on the flap.  The results were awesome - check it out!

2. New Zippered Closure Option

One of our most popular requests was a for a zippered closure, and we were able to complete that design today! We love how it came out. Everyone will now have the option to choose their preferred closure style in the post project survey! No need to make any changes to your existing pledge to have this option.





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