Jess Schumacher (Allegory Co-Founder)
about 1 year ago

Project Update: Final orders shipping soon!

Hi all,

Just a quick update from us this morning. Our team had a much needed pre-holiday rush break over Thanksgiving week last week, and we're all back in the shop today ready for the Christmas rush! We have just a handful of orders still outstanding for this project - folks who just finished up their surveys in the last few days, a few personalized bags, and some artisan customized bags. 

For those of you still waiting for your bags, thank you for your patience while we on-boarded our new team member. Training always slows things down a bit for the first couple months. We'll have this project finished up completely this month so stay tuned for your tracking notifications!

For those of you who have your bags already, I hope you're enjoying them!

Thanks all! And Happy Holidays!
Jess (and the Allegory Team)




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