Jess Schumacher (Allegory Co-Founder)
about 1 year ago

Project Update: Shipping Update and What's Next

Hi all,

I hope your September's are off to a great start. Today is kind of a wet and chilly day for us near Chicago - fall is definitely in the air! I wanted to pop in here today with a quick fulfillment update on your Flight Satchels and an exciting announcement about a new project launching tomorrow.

Flight Satchel Shipping
As of Friday last week, we've completed and shipped rewards for 24% of the surveys we have back. There are still a number of unanswered surveys. Please remember that we can't ship your rewards until we have your survey back! We need your shipping details and the specifications about your bag (leather color, etc.)

We have another 12% of the project shipping this week. Our team is in a great rhythm of making between 30-40 bags a week so keep an eye out for your shipping notification. We're working through orders based on when surveys were completed. Right now we have everyone who completed their survey on August 26 or 27 either shipped our queued up for production over the next couple weeks. Thanks to everyone who has emailed feedback when you've received your bags! It's invaluable!

What's Next
While the Flight Satchel project was live on BackerKit, we prepared our next crowdfunding project that will launch tomorrow on Kickstarter. It's called The Ancients: Writing tools carved in ancient reclaimed wood. The project features one of our most loved styles of click pen in a choice of five new hardware finishes and our three favorite super old, super awesome woods (ancient kauri- over 50,000 years old, bog oak - 5, 000 years old, and Bethlehem olivewood - 2,000 years old). The project also has a few fun leather add-on journals and portfolios with options with custom artwork. 

We're excited to experiment with alternating projects on BackerKit and Kickstarter. Our hope is this cadence will allow us to keep our production pipeline at a consistent level and provide an even better experience for our backers while growing our business. Keep your fingers crossed for us. And, if unique pens are your thing, we'd love to see you over on Kickstarter as a backer on the new project! You'll all receive a launch announcement when that project goes live tomorrow.

As always, please reach out to us directly with questions or feedback at [email protected]. Emails, as opposed to comments on the project, lets us track better and respond in a more timely fashion.

All the best!
Jess & The Allegory Team





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