Chad Schumacher
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Surveys Coming Next Week

Hi all,

Thanks for joining us for a great campaign! Apologies you haven't heard from us sooner. We've been hard at work making bags already and preparing the survey.

After the campaign closes there is a two week window for BackerKit to charge pledges. At that time (Wednesday of this coming week), we will be able to send our surveys as payments will have been processed and backers uploaded into pledge manager. We are on track to have the surveys ready to send out as soon as we get the clearance from BackerKit. 

You will be able to configure all of your rewards, including add-ons and making changes to your pledge, in those surveys and both Allegory and BackerKit will be available to help.

The biggest help to us to expedite shipping of rewards is for you all to complete your surveys as quickly as possible. Having all the surveys back quickly helps us create efficient batches for production and turn around rewards in a timely manner. 

Thanks all! The fun starts in just a few days. Back in touch with surveys soon.

- Chad





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