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Manufacturing & shipping progress: waiting and more waiting...
3 months ago
by Corviforms
Hello bird friends,

We are currently in what I like to call "the boring part of the project", but I wanted to make sure I stay in touch and keep you as updated as I am! A bunch of manufacturer photos are added to the end of this update :)

Shipping to me has begun on half the bags and the egg wallets and manufacturing is in progress for the rest. Sea freight takes about 30 days, unloading at the port and transportation to the local storage facility takes a couple weeks, and then UPS pickup and ground transportation across the country to me is another 2 or so weeks. So I estimate at least 60 days between leaving their origin and arriving at my house. The good news here is that the first shipments left the origin port in late August, meaning they should get to me by late October/early November which is right on track for my schedule. Just so you know, if you're ever curious about the status you can check the main page which I am keeping updated as things progress.   

I have already shipped out the initial ~250 orders of just pins & crow bags! So 10% completed on a 2500 backer project feels pretty good to have done ahead of time.

If you have any problems with your order, please contact me via email at and I will fix it as soon as I am able. Twitter/Instagram/FB messages are NOT encouraged as I check them infrequently.

Thanks for waiting with me!
Rachel / Corviforms

bag fronts, or bird donuts?

Completed bags being QC'd and packaged

user avatar image for Lou
2 months ago

Seagull baby, you will be worth the wait!! 😍 (Sidenote: I'm disappointed that they haven't made a Seagull emoji yet 😒)

user avatar image for Rex Jordan
3 months ago

I'm so excited for my quail 🤩

user avatar image for Allegra King
3 months ago

If I want to buy another bag then what I have ordered and paid when would it be possible to do that?

user avatar image for Brianna Bellis-Elchert
3 months ago

Are the inserts with you already, or shipping with the bags? Specifically for the red-winged blackbirds, but I wouldn't mind a general answer 🥰 Thank you for keeping us updated and I am loving these BTS pictures! 💖

user avatar image for Sarah Curcio
3 months ago

If our order was already shipped out should we have gotten a notification?

user avatar image for Arizinna
3 months ago

Thank you so much for the constant updates! Honestly, it's so interesting to see some of the back up stuff like this. So excited!

user avatar image for Kayla Zatezalo
3 months ago

I want bird donuts now

my previous order of crow bags was placed on May 6th and they arrived on June 6th so that was only 1 month! but with such massive orders I don't want to get hopes up too much for fast shipping lol

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