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Project Update: Quick check-in - Over 70% fulfilled! & an Audubon Fundraiser!

Hello everyone!

Here is my check-in to let you know I'm still working on it! Been continuing to work hard packaging, sending out 50-100 packages per business day. We are now at 73% completed!

If your order has a tracking number but no tracking info yet it just means I haven't sent it! I have boxes of packages ready to go over the next couple weeks. I really appreciate your patience. I'll get the rest out as quickly as I can without making mistakes!

i cant believe i still have 700 to do

Since I'm packing things as quickly as I can I'm tending to make a few more mistakes than I'd like, but I'm correcting them as soon as possible. Typically a missed pin here or there - or my horrible habit of forgetting to check the item count next to the item name.
Maybe a dozen or two of these out of nearly 2000 packages isn't so bad though!

Keep sharing photos of your bags, seeing them on twitter, instagram, tumblr, etc makes my day! I try to re-share as many as possible :)


PS. I'm currently doing a fundraiser for the Audubon Society - if you're interested in donating to help birds you can do so through my campaign here -

Donate $10 or more and I will send you a sticker, $25 or more gets you a sticker and a wood pin! Just fill out the quick form here (you know i love google forms by now) -

PSS. If you are one of the 50 people who have not answered the survey yet i am staring at you sternly and wagging my finger disapprovingly 




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