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Project Update: Big Update! Shipping in progress - with help!

Hey everyone!

Everything is here and my basement is now a warehouse of bird related items. Sorry for the few weeks silence here but things are moving quickly behind the scenes so here is a big update. It's a long road ahead to get everything quality checked, packed, and sent out, but luckily I'm getting some help!

Packing Help with a special guest!

BackerKit was kind enough to send out their very own Sweta to give me a hand and experience the birds first hand! We had an awesome weekend chatting about crowdfunding, taking photos and videos, packing, and just generally eating a lot of good food. It was a huge help and I appreciate it so much. Everyone at Backerkit has gone so above and beyond for me I'm forever grateful to be working with this platform.
Birdy Baristas

I'm also enlisting my parents, boyfriend, and any willing friends in packaging activities. I'm doing the item picking/packing into bags parts so that if any mistakes are made with the order, it's on me. And no one else has to learn my system of 10000 pins lol.

the logistics center, shipping dock, and warehouse (my basement)

Shipping Status

When is my stuff shipping? There is not really a specific order I'm going in, but I'm packing most of the single bag orders first and will tackle orders that need boxes later on. Keep an eye out for tracking info emails. But you might also get the email up to a few weeks before I'm actually able to ship, since I purchase everything in bulk. Sorry for any confusion! I am also confused often!
Everything is ahead or on track with my original shipping timeline (Nov-Dec), my goal is to get this done by the end of the year but I may need to take a bit of a shipping hiatus around Christmas since USPS gets pretty crazy around that time. 
  • Orders containing these single bags have shipped or will ship out very soon: Crow, Chicken, Cockatiel, Duck, Blue Jay, Seagull, Flamingo, Toucan, Finch 
  • Orders containing these ship out next: Cardinal, PIGEONS (largest amount of orders)
  • Orders containing these will ship out after pigeons: Budgie, Macaw, Quail, Chickadee

Locking addresses: I will lock the remaining addresses over the next week or so. If you need to update your address, please do so when you get the email with the 48hr lock warning.

~1000 down... ~1600 to go...

I can ship about 50-100 orders per day, and am about 1/3 of the way done. It will be another 30 USPS business days before I can get everything out regardless of how fast I pack. It takes 3-10min to pack EACH ORDER so if you want to you, you can do the math there and feel very bad for me.  

Social Media

When you get your bag I would LOVE to see how you set it up with your pins and inserts, and any outfits you might coordinate it with!  Tag me! I'm @Corviforms most places -
I'm trying to be more active on my TikTok with packing videos so you can see the process 

Slowly but surely things will get out to everyone, and if there are any mistakes please contact me via email - [email protected] (i can easily miss messages over social media!)

I made this little Ellie to add to packages when I have to correct orders lol

Thanks for your patience and support! <3
Rachel / @corviforms

PS. Here's a fun drawing I did of a cedar waxwing feeding its baby aesthetic berries when I took 1 night off from packing bags lol




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