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Big update: 🐦Goal unlocked! 🥚 Egg wallets! ❓Quick survey!
7 months ago
by Corviforms

Hey everyone, 

We did it - unlocked the FREE chick micro-pin for all backers!
$70k Goal Smashed

Like I said - the more stretch goals we hit, the more fun stuff I can add. I've decided that to go with these bags we need some Egg Wallets, so I've added this as the $80k & 90k Stretch Goals. Samples for 5 different colors are already in progress with my manufacturer! For now, see the mockups below-
Update 5/28 - Blue speckled egg has been added to the goals! This is the most accurate design to go with blue jays, cardinals, seagulls, crows, and blackbirds ^V^
Prices for these are still TBD so no need to change your pledge if you want one - they will be available when the survey goes out if they are unlocked! Estimated price $20-$25ea.

Quick Survey

Now I have 2 important asks for you if you have the time:

1. If you've backed for a bag (or multiple bags!) and have decided which you want, please let me know which you plan to order using this survey -
Even with half of backers responding, it will help me get an idea of which are most popular and I can get those in production ASAP to help me stagger my shipping schedule. There's your incentive to vote for your favorite :) If you change your mind, that's ok! This is not the actual survey, just a tool to help me plan.

2. Please continue to share this project on social media so that I can reach more stretch goals and make tons of stuff you're gonna love- including Egg wallets and the 2 new itabag designs! Because we're running this campaign on an all-new platform, shares, retweets, and posts about this project are SO important to get the word out. Any little bit that you can do helps and I truly appreciate it!

Thanks again!

- Rachel / @Corviforms

PS. Any questions? feel free to comment here or reach out on one of my socials. I'm also easy to reach via Telegram and I've just created a new Telegram channel for updates and streaming-

user avatar image for MAZZ
7 months ago

I have no idea what bag I want yet. If I could I’d get them all omg. Those little egg wallets are so cute omg.

user avatar image for SB
7 months ago

Love that speckled one!! Nice! Any idea how much you'll make the wallets cost (as add ons)?

I need to get more info from my manufacturer first, but I'm going to GUESS about $20

user avatar image for Alesia Thone Tuna-Coco
7 months ago

An egg wallet is so perfect ♡

I very much want one for myself haha

user avatar image for Rachel Trudgian
7 months ago

😱 100% want the blue egg. (I love the colour blue) 😍 😁💙

I'm so excited that I can include a blue one, its so cute!!

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