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Project Update: Prologue || Before the Adventure

In the world of our finest furry felines, many forces are training diligently to be a part of a grand quest for fame.

We follow the newest members of DERP - the Dungeon Exploring Role Players - who signed up their new comrades.... mostly by accident. Their rival guilds claimed they didn't have the fluff for it and, one catnip dose later, someone submitted their adventuring application. Oops.

So here we are: meet Tuff (the warrior), Fluff (the cleric), and Gray (the rogue), all scrambling to get together their equipment and wares before adventuring out of the city. They've trained for at least a single moon, so they have skills and are ready for this new journey. What could possibly go wrong?? (Just don't look at their duller-than-average swords.)

The academy recognizes that they probably need to provide them with a bit of equipment - the slip of paper the masters hand them says that Whiskers & Wares (the merchant guild), Destruction (the summoner guild) and the rest of their guild are waiting for them to catch up... but the shiny chest they open has a single gift. What will it be?

Thanks so much for everyone who has pledged already! Be sure to vote in the first story poll above, as that determines the first filler pin that joins the campaign. :D - This is the exception to the order where it will last just one day (the next story update will happen somewhere around 6 PST tomorrow).

As of posting this we are
almost funded (82% to our goal which unlocks ALL pins) in 9 hours - and all of you in 3+ pin tiers have secured the free filler pin for yourself. This is a little different, of course, than smaller sets of pins unlocked, but we wanted to ensure we could unlock the entire planned collection (no buts). :D

Thank you so much for being here. We're looking forward to this adventure.

🐾Mel, Jess and Venetia




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