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almost 2 years ago

Project Update: Chapter 1 || The Map of Meowing

Well, that's that, it seems. The new adventurers pick up their new map (which promptly meows at them), and they head through the gate that closes behind them with a thunk of finality.

Fluff meows to herself. "Are you sure we can't go back?"

"No way," Tuff insists, huffing and turning the map sideways. He begins to drag them down the road, waving it in his hand. "We just need to meet up with the others in a few days. Nothing could go wrong."

Gray looks like someone took his favorite box and soaked it in water. "All of what you just said is what people say before someone gets eaten."

Before long, they reach a fork in the road that is marked (surprisingly) on the map. It is brightly labelled in letters that inconspicuously appear: "Head left for monsters, cheese and loot; head right for chests that may or may not be traps."

Looking none too happy, Gray sighs. "None of this is comforting. You decide what we do."

Time to make your choice: Cheese or chests?

Thank you so so much to everyone who joined the campaign on day I! We were funded at 3PM PST sharp (marking exactly 24 hours to fund ALL pins in the campaign). We're super excited for that. :D

The prologue led us to a map - evil? good? chaotic? - and it's now added to the campaign breakdown! Feel free to vote in the poll above, and it'll decide where the story takes us! The poll will be up for about 48 hours, so expect another update on 10/15 with the next bit of story, more pin designs and the next portion of this little tale.

The next funding goal is at $12,500 for variant colorations of the D20 dice (one for each maker); these variants will be available in the add-on shop. The Full Dungeon Clear packs will include one maker exclusive for free (of your choice) that comes with the stretch goal, with the ability to add the other two at a discount as well!

Again, thank you so much for joining us; we're ever so thrilled that this has funded!!

🐾Mel, Jess and Venetia




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