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Project Update: Chapter 10 || A New Quest

Tuff takes the key in hand and inspects the surface, before shrugging slightly. The unsaid "how bad could it be" rings through the air as he slides the key into place, and the lid audibly clicks. Gray seems to be ready to run, and Fluff is leaning away from the box as if it'd save her from the contents.

With a questioning look to his friends, he opens the lid slowly, before peering inside. "A feather?"

"A feather," Gray echoes, before also peering in to see the owl-like feather sitting inside the box. It was long and pristine, and the stem was molded as if to be held.

"A feather!" Tuff jerks back a little, but too late before Simon darts in and deftly grabs the objects, immediately leaping to the fence and then bounding up onto the rooftops.

Tuff and Gray look at each other, before looking at Spud, who had joined them while Abitail continued to gush over the shiny objects the dragon cat had. "Do we even try getting that back?"

Spud grimaces. "What Simon wants, he gets. Even if it was a magic wand of unfathomable power, I don't think it's worth trying to get it back."

The group all sigh at this, recognizing the futility of chasing after their lost prize. Looking toward the rest of the group, they watch as the Prince stays back, saying some apologies, and explains to them that he'll be returning to the King to share the story of the dragon cat who was benevolent and wanted for peace, not harm. For all of his previous grandeur, the Prince slips away from them and vanishes without a further remark, and they turn their attention back to the dragon, who is explaining something about the quest. 

"The last time this one heard from Unknown was around Grimalkin Hollow, which connects into the Lost Caves."

"I thought dragon cats liked caves," Abitail says somewhat absently, seemingly delighted with a huge haul in exchange for this quest.

The dragon cat bristled in response. "Not that. Evil. The way is clouded." It slowly blinked its slitted eyes. "Save my friend, adventurers."

Tuff glances around at the group, and can tell that saying no is already a lost cause. Abitail is carefully cataloging her new treasures, and Fluff and Floof equally seem charmed.

"Adventurers, may I interrupt." Those unoccupied by the shiny hunt look back to find an eccentrically clad cat standing on top of the fence which was still intact. "My name is Sully, the apprentice alchemist with the Merchant's Guild. I've been sent by Moss and Nightshade with your order, along with some mana and health potions for your journey."

Tuff cocks his head to the side. “We didn’t order those.”

The apprentice bows slightly. “An apology for the hectic nature of the key acquisition.”

Fluff claps her hands together. "Oh, delightful!" She scampers over and takes the mana and health potions from the cat, along with a small wooden box. The lid slides off, and she oohs to herself at the sight of the Potion of Invisibility. "It's such a pretty color. Look at those swirls! What would you call that color?"

What color is the potion? Vote above!

Hey friends! Writing from Detroit at the scene (scene..?) of Youmacon! I'll be doing double time between doing the show and the campaign, but in the next week, I'll will be hammering through the last arc of the story! That will mean there are some more consistent updates toward the end to showcase all of the remaining unlocks! :D

Also next episode -- and sorry for the delay -- I'll showcase the final of the 3 variants of D20s. Just need to confirm one more. The vote today is a bit more of a simplistic one that directly impacts just the coloration of one last potion. I did promise that'd come eventually!

Thanks much, and talk to everyone soon!!

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