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Project Update: Chapter 11 || The Guides

NOTE: 5 days left to the campaign, so the remaining vote periods will only last a day! Let’s unlock all this stuff!! :D
Colorations for Venetia's D20 stretch goal below. Give us thoughts!

“You’d think that getting rid of the threat of the dragon cat would be thanks enough,” Tuff mutters to himself as stacks yet another log down on the pile, while Spud starts tying the cross posts together with twine. Together, they begin setting this section of wood.

Fluff picks up the vial they’ve gotten from the alchemist - the golden dusty liquid in the bottle splashing against the sides, shimmering with a quiet mystery in the sunlight. She evaluates it and drips a single bead onto her paw, and immediately her toe turns slightly translucent. “Well, that works at least.”

Tuff mutters something on how it better, but continues on to the next pile of wood in their fence mending mission. It takes them another hour to complete this task before they all collapse on the ground, fence rebuilt and slightly pleased with themselves.

They’re just gotten a late breakfast and gotten their things, when Soot pulls them aside. They perk up, and easily everyone’s thoughts are apparent: A monk-healer would be the best asset on a quest to caves that are deadly.

Soot grimaces apologetically, and shrugs helplessly, realizing exactly what these adventurers have thought. “Having a bit of a cheese crisis again. Can’t go, but I will introduce you to some other members of Destruction that should be of some help.”

The two characters Soot introduces them to are sitting at a round table outside of the bar, all packed and ready for an adventure. The larger of the two is clearly a brawns, brawler type, who peers at them excitedly and bellows a greeting. The other cat is small, blindfolded, with an eye that bobs up and down beside him, unblinking.

Soot introduces Biscuits, who grins further, and Beau, who motions to his eyeball friend named Blink, who excitedly… smiles at them. With its singular eye. It stares without blinking until they all, in turn, look away.

“Where we headed, folks?” the orc cat almost shouts at the small group. The archer beside him winces underneath his mask.

“Soot already mentioned that it was Grimalkin Hollow.”

“Oh, that sounds kind of nice,” the orc puzzles.

Beau sighs as he checks his bag of arrows, and the eyeball beside him seems to check over all the contents before twirling appreciatively. He turns to the new arrivals with a toothy grin. “It’s also known as the Haunted Hollow.”

Tuff twitches, and wonders whether nervousness was even permitted. “Let’s… maybe get through this. Who should we be finding?”

Beau puzzles for a moment, then pulls out a map of the Hollow. He points a few times, marking off two distinct areas. “We’d probably best to visit Maximillion, our affectionately termed our Sus Cat Wizard, or Bones, the Nekomancer. Either one knows the area well and could help us find this Unknown of yours. Who do you think we should visit?”

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Hey friends - For those who have been following internal chatter, you probably have seen that we've had a really bad experience out at a con this weekend (probably the worst we've had in many, many years of vending), and it's been physically and emotionally draining to experience this much bad at a show where attendees lives were at risk due to negligence and more. We're dealing with it but particularly wiped out, but I'll be doing my best to end this campaign as faithfully as I can. I love this story(mode) a lot and will do as much as I can to pull off the vision I began, despite all of this nonsense popping up.

Also, these are Venetia's color choices that she's thinking about! Do you have any preferences between them? She's thinking she might like to play with a gold pearldust (but she's easily convinced! tell her things)

Annnnnnnd that's all for tonight while I drop myself like a rock into bed.

🐾Mel, Jess and Venetia
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