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Project Update: Updates on Stretch Goals [& How to Plan Your Pledge]

Hey friends! This is the first non-story update -- the first of probably a few since surveys and manufacturing will soon be underway. However, we're dropping in this time to remind everyone (or show you, if you haven't seen) the 'stretch goals' (coined as achievements) in this campaign. Since this platform is newer (as in, we're the 30thish campaign that's been here - we've been part of their test run!), we've been learning along with you what translates well and what's confusing, and we've heard from a few people that the stretch goals weren't as intuitive in this layout. We do communicate this back to them as best we can.

All of the designs in the campaign were unlocked from the get-go; all of your choices in the polls impacted what we would make or not. (Trust me, we had about half of the fillers originally... then we couldn't resist some of the story elements. Hello, talking to you Bones.)

As another reminder, if you look at the breakdown (by chapter), you can see what are standard pins and what are filler pins based on their backgrounds - ones with illustrated backgrounds are standard, obtained items (or smol creatures) are fillers, as noted in the body info. The perk in the 6/9/12 pledge tiers is that you add a filler pin for free with each (one for 6 pins, two for 9 pins, 3 for 12 pins). So basically, each 3 big pins, you get one filler for free. You can add money onto your pledge now and this does help the campaign and will act as a credit to your full purchase in the survey!

For stretch goals, we've already hit:
  • $12,500 - new DnD variants options (add-on)
  • $17,500 - Sticker Packs (all 3+ pin packs)

The next two stretch goals are the following:
  • $20,000 - Pastel variants of the dragon cat
  • $22,250 - New design by Onicake (bard cat) (add-on, included for all dungeon clear packs) - vote above!
  • 400 person pledge goal: New pin based off of swordtember by Tim Kaminski

However, we recognize that we may not hit the $22,500 mark given where we are. If we don't, but pass $20,000, we'll toss the design from Onicake as a sticker into sticker packs (as one of the potential options). The artwork option is below -- but we haven't decided firmly on a color, so cast your vote above!

There are a tiny few things left to unlock: Unknown, mystery filler item 1 and 2, guild master of DERP and king lich head. Those are coming tonight so I hope to see you with us for one last hurrah. <3

And, for those who need it, the current array (minus the lich cat):

See you for one last story update tonight. :D
🐾Mel, Jess and Venetia
82 votes • Final results
Welcome on adventurer from fellow designer, Onicake! This is added to all full campaign packages for free (and will become an option for everyone else).
Goal: $22,500 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!
Add on some color options to your dragon cat!
Goal: $20,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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