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Project Update: Update: Slight Delay with Surveys (Updated Availability, New Microfiber Cloths)

Hey friends! I wanted to touch base with you because things are a bit more delayed than we really wanted. We were facing a pretty tight schedule to have things sent out (with surveys) without being impacted by the holiday onrush, and unfortunately I've had a couple of weeks (basically the day after I sent the last update) that have not been fun.

To shortly summarize, one of my cats stopped eating or drinking and turned into a lethargic potato with insane poop, and four vet visits later we've just hit the point or sort of figuring it out. However, for two weeks I was basically hand-feeding him twice a day with a blended-funtimes-catfood cocktail, while he got shots, fluids, terrible emergency food and... more. We both were... super pleased with the situation. But, all of the urgent vet visits and the 1-hourish 2x daily feedings took a huge toll on my time and energy. I'd lost another cat over the summer who had grown up with the currently sick cat, and while I did all I could then, I had a lot of panic brewing from the ongoing situation; I hope my anxiety was understandable.

That all said, Venetia and I have been working on the surveys, but we've both been trying to single-handedly run both of our storefronts for the holidays; soon we'll be free and able to refocus a bit, but we're doing our best to try to get everything out the door for the holiday deadlines. For that we apologize, and it's mostly my fault with the whole pet emergency situation.

All of the assets have been completed (compiled below) -- we ended up with 55 designs in the campaign!? -- as well as the sticker designs from the stretch goal (we are aiming to have this shown with the surveys). One pin (the winning design of the Guardian, based on Tim Kaminski's art) will be converted in the coming month. We just confirmed it with the poll, so we're just looking at it now; we likely won't have it for the survey, so it'll be more of a blind pin addition.

We're now in the process of putting together the questions and making sure they accurately work for the tiers. You're welcome to compile your list of must haves from the below. We're hoping to have surveys ready by the end of the weekend.


In addition, we have a slight surprise... basically because someone made a joke in Discord and here we are. We'll be finishing up the design for this in the next week or so for a set of microfiber cloth. Each will be an addition for $6 (retail will be $8) - all three for $15. (We'll make it a specific question along as with an add-on item.)

Still will potentially adjust some of these... patterns, maybe not? But the center design will largely remain the same!

In terms of other updates:
We've continued to work on the vectoring process, and the first few pins are complete. We'll be sending them off before the year ends to get their molds made. 

We do recognize that there are... a LOT of pins in this campaign, so we'll be definitely splitting these up between manufacturers to tackle. Many of these may become limited editions depending on their popularity and what we can justify stocking, so we may only ever have some of them with this campaign.

Anyway, please let us know if there's anything we can help with. If nothing else, hopefully expect the smoketests to go out by the 18th, with the full surveys to go out on the 19th-20th depending on if edits need to be made.

Thank you!

Mel (& Venetia & Jess)




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