Alex Hague
11 months ago

Project Update: Slight delay ugh

Hey all,

We received what we were hoping was the final sample of Daybreak last month. While all the game components look and feel *great*, we ran into an issue with—of all things—the storage trays.

Basically, there was a miscommunication with the factory and the trays were created using a different material than we specified: they made something out of thick cardboard rather than the thin bagasse fiber we needed for them to seal properly.

What we got:

What we need:

As you can probably tell, the current tray was super prone to opening and spilling components everywhere, since they don't really have any sort of friction fit to them. We don't want to deliver your game with this issue—and with our commitment to no plastics, that also means no quick fix measures like rubber band or nylon straps or anything like that. 

So unfortunately we're delayed briefly to redo these trays to make the best possible game for you. Worst case, we lose a couple months, but it really will be worth it. 

In the meantime, we'll keep the backerkit shipping address and add-on page open, if anyone needs to change anything. And we'll give you a few days notice before locking those, probably next month.

Huge apologies for the delay and the pre-weekend bad news. Otherwise though, everything is so beyond our expectations and I'm so excited to get copies to you once we've fixed this.

Then finally, on a better note, this week we had this really nice ABC News piece about Daybreak's development:

Have a great weekend!

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