Alex Hague
23 days ago

Project Update: Box issues πŸššπŸ“¦πŸ’₯

Hey all,

We're getting reports that 10-20% of backers are having issues with the game boxes breaking and stickers opening/tearing. As you can probably guess, the issue stems from not using plastic coating/reinforced tape on a box containing such a heavy game. We're so sorryβ€”we know it's such a bummer to get a messed up box. We had done a LOT of successful testing prior to shipping, but the failure rate is clearly unacceptable.Β 

Here's our solution: if you receive a damaged box, don't worry for now, just play as normal. Once we've figured out the best way to reprint and repackage the boxes, we'll send out a survey where you can either:

  1. Get a new box, or
  2. Get a partial refund, or
  3. Register that your box had issues, but are OK just taping it up

International backers, we're working on a way to pack yours to make sure these issues don't happen! But if they do, it'll be the same deal, where you can request a new box or partial refund if you like.

OK, bummer news over. And other than this box thing, copies of Daybreak seem to be arriving and getting played! Let us know if you've had a chance to play yet!Β 

Onward and upward,Β 

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