C.D. Lombardi
about 1 month ago

Project Update: The Sum of All Writers - Stretch Goal #2

What a treasure, every one of you! We are grateful you helped us achieve our second stretch goal. We are firmly on the hunt for Stretch Goal #3.

And in the spirit of a Treasure Hunt, we have a special “hunt” for you! We are designing an exclusive puzzle hunt inspired by each story in the book. 

There’s a little something for everyone–word, variety, and logic-based puzzles. 

As you solve each puzzle, you will unearth a clue word that will ultimately lead you to a final answer. If you figure out this final answer in the time allotted, we will have an extra secret reward for you! 

When we reach our third stretch goal, we have a most exceptional treasure waiting for you. You don’t want to miss this one: it’s from the “Wizard of Storytelling” himself. 

We’ll tell you exactly what it is once we reach the goal. To help us get there faster, please continue to support our project by sharing it with your friends and family, especially those who love to read and create stories to share.

Again, thanks for all you are doing to support our mission. You, indeed, are a treasure,

The Sum of All Writers Team





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