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2 months ago

Project Update: Micro Mercenary Proofs & Essen Spiel

Happy Friday Backers!

This week our team is split in two completing objectives of multiple sizes:

…exhibiting at SPIEL, in Essen Germany - the world's BIGGEST annual tabletop event…

...and wrapping up the FINAL bits and bobs on GLOOMHAVEN: BUTTONS & BUGS - the world’s SMALLEST Gloomhaven game!

Let’s talk about what’s going on:


I want to give a HUGE thank you Nikki Valens, Arch Anderson, Jason Kingsley, & Jaym Gates who have been working together super diligently rounding the final corners on Buttons & Bugs! Things are coming together quickly and we’re still on target for our self-imposed deadline of October 15th to have full production files turned in and the proofing process started.

MOST EXCITEDLY, today we have some MICRO MERCENARIES to show off in their final glory! I’m SO pleased with how these have come out, and Arch did a great job working with our incumbent sculptor Chris Lewis, shrinking, but retaining, each class's core aesthetics. Doing 10mm miniatures was a first for all of us - but we’re incredibly pleased with how much detail and character we were still able to capture in these little buggers - and we hope you are too!

With Miniature proofs approved, those are now heading into production ahead of all the papery bits.

Gloomhaven Micro Mercenaries take on....the Mushroom Kingdom?


It’s that time of year again when Cephalofair makes our way to the quaint little town of Essen, Germany where the world’s largest board gaming convention is taking place - Essen Spiel!

Chris flew our on Monday of this week to get things setup with our returning and ever ready Essen Booth Crew, who did a great job getting things setup in time for the first day of the show on Thursday. 

This is a first year for me, personally, not attending Essen. Which is weird. But what felt weirder was trying to justify going when we are honestly the busiest we’ve ever been “back in the office” and with some family priorities at home. It’s one of many little unforeseen “growing



Frosthaven Playsurface 
Files have been fully submitted, and we are currently on our second round of proofing - which means we should be green-lighting production sometime in the coming days (weekend pending)! 

Frosthaven (2nd Printing)
Proofing is almost complete, with SOME parts already in, and other heading, into production. With a game as big as Frosthaven, certain components are assembled directly “in house” while others (like miniatures) are often made in a separate district or area and brought in for assembly. Unlike the new “little sibling” it is expecting later his year with Buttons & Bugs, which really requires us to have 100% of everything approved before we can safely get started running the machines .

Forgotten Circles (3rd Printing)
Not much to say here other than the print run proofs were all approved and the game is in production for shipment alongside Frosthaven (2nd Printing) once it is ready to set sail. 


2nd Printing / RPG/ Miniatures
No updates on these projects today as the first two waves of production have had our primary focus, but our staff is diligently moving things along in parallel with those things above being sent to print. We’ll hopefully have some more exciting updates for you in the near future!


We thank everyone for your continue patience as we navigate post-campaign & pledge manager support. As we’ve been hinting we’ve been scaling up our customer service resources and are excited to share that we'll have a new crew member joining our team in the coming week - along with a couple other new Cephalofair team members we’re excited to introduce to you as well. Exciting things are afoot at Cephalofair - thanks for hanging in there for us!


Retailers! We are continuing to hear from those of you who are submitting your retailer verification forms and documents, thank you! We appreciate your patience as we onboard so many first time partners, and assure you we will be allowing ample time for order completion. Please email us at [email protected] if you still haven’t received your verification form or Backerkit survey and we’ll be happy to help upon our return from Essen!


That’s it for this week - we’ll catch you in another 2 weeks once everyone is properly back from Essen and back behind their respective wheels. 

Have a great weekend!





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