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about 2 years ago

Project Update: Terrain Take Down Final Round! + Winner

It's the Final Terrain Takedown! Round 3 is going to be a little different than prior rounds. Instead of voting once we are going to do this twice. I want you all to vote today for your top 2 terrain packs. We have two returning packs from the last two rounds, the Modern Terrain Pack and Yumm Pack, and a brand new challenger has risen, the Prehistoric Pack. Vote for your top two choices!

This is going to be a short round as the campaign is quickly approaching its end. We only have 3 days left! So share the campaign on social media and tell your friends. Tell people why you are supporting this project and why they should too!

Back to the final round, the way this is going to work is that you vote for your top two choices and whichever pack has the lowest vote count by tomorrow morning when I tally them up will be eliminated. I will then make another update and let you know who is left standing so you can vote for your favorite between them. After the campaign has closed, when I post my campaign wrap up I'll announce the winner! That's all folks. You know what to do now!

Oh, obviously the Spooky pack absolutely ran away with the last round. I don't think anyone is surprised by this result.

Thanks again for all your support I have had a lot of fun running this campaign with you and I look forward to the rest of this journey as I complete the project.




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