Crabapple: Ten CRABBY Years

Crabapple: Ten CRABBY Years

Celebrate Crabapple's 10th anniversary! We're adding a new member to the inki-Drop crew--say ahoy to Happycwab. Uncover a treasure trove of exciting new goodies based on inki-Drop's flagship plush toy character.
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Happy birthday, Crabapple!

Congratulations on reaching the milestone of ten CRABBY years! Let the festivities begin!

What is Crabapple?

Once the loveliest of apples, a perilous journey turned him into a cranky crustacean with a squishy heart. He was the first character I designed under the inki-Drop brand, and he has been popular ever since!

Ten years is a LONG time. But he's still going strong, beloved by fans all over the world. I have a hard time keeping this fella in stock!

Some concept art and past products/branding.

But wait, who's that crashing the party?

It's none other than HappyCwab, Crabapple's cheeky little sister! Get ready for a whirlwind of laughter and mischief as she adds her unique flavor to the celebration.
"Adventure?!" squealed Happycwab as she dragged her reluctant older brother around the castle.

Crabapple isn't good at family photos.

Project Goal

This campaign is for a rerun of my popular Crabapple plush, as well as a brand new pal to collect--HappyCwab! I am excited to offer both plush at the same time so you can start your collection or gift a dose of crabby joy to someone special in your life.

The main goal of this project is to fund both plush, but of course we have fun things to uncover along the way!



Aw yeah, onto the good stuff.

NEW! Happycwab plush

Crabapple's annoying-yet-adorable little sister. She is a little bit smaller claw-to-claw (13"/33cm vs Crabapple's 15"/38cm), but just as cuddly as her grumpy older brother, and features mint-colored leaves and a pale pink apple blossom near her stem. She is part of the main goal of this project.

OLD BUT GOLD! Classic Crabapple Plush

If you missed out on the OG crabapple, want to collect the 5th anniversary/current version, or simply want to spread the crabby love, the Classic Crabapple plush is also available now.

NEW! Flat Crab Fun
A small collection of stationery items to warm the cockles of your grumpy heart. Available now! 

"King Crab" postcard, Crabapple & Happycrab 3" vinyl stickers and a 4x8"/ sticker sheet featuring 48 teeny tiny Crabapple & Happycwab stickers to decorate your planner, slap onto your favorite notebook or hide in inconspicuous places to add a crumb of crabby fun to your day.
Includes two 3" round vinyl stickers, a sticker SHEET full of CRABS, and a commemorative thank you postcard!


Here's a current catalog of Add-Ons for this project! You can add them to your pledge during checkout.

KING CRAB Vinyl Sticker - $5

Crabapple & Happycwab mini pin set - $10

Dad Cap "Forever Crabby" - $25


Social Goals

Every five goals reached unlocks a reward for this campaign. Some of them are pie in the sky goals (like thousand+ followers on social media), but others are things we are doing naturally (like leaving comments on the project page & sharing the project on facebook, etc). I think we can hit some of these before the campaign ends!

The more of these goals we hit, the more things we unlock for ALL backers!

Guest Artists

If we meet our goal before the campaign ends, there are fun Guest Art goodies in store for you! These Crabapple cuties will be available as bonus gifts and add-ons--more details to come! 



June 2023

  • Project START! (June 20th)


  • Project END (July 25th)


  • Surveys go out 2nd-3rd week August
  • Funds disbursed, items put into production

January 2024

Project is expected to ship Q1 2024. 


Please note: Shipping will be collected after the campaign ends through BackerKit surveys. Fees listed below are estimates only and are subject to change!

Small items $5
One plush $8
Two plush $12

International (incl UK)
Small Items $16
One plush $16
Two plush $24

Small Items 3€
One plush 5€
Two plush 8€

I will be working with my plush manufacturer to fulfil all US & International orders, and all EU orders will be shipped from my home in Spain.

About Me

Hello! I'm Shelly Rodriguez, an American illustrator living in Spain with my partner Xavi, our pet cat Captain and an even smaller dog-creature named Mochi (seriously, he only weighs 5lbs/2kg!).

I've successfully managed and fulfilled six Kickstarter projects before this one, the first being the very same Crabapple this project is celebrating. 

Thank You!

Thanks for reading! I hope you'll join us on this project. 

You can find more of my art on social media:
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | Tiktok
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