Jason Furie
almost 2 years ago

Project Update: Synthwave Slice Joins the Menu!

We did it! The final Mystery Slice has been unlocked by reaching $15K in funding which is 300% of goal.

🌴 Introducing the Synthwave Slice!

Synthwave Slice was the clear winner of our recent community poll. Thanks again to everyone that voted for this cool theme.

I hope this slice gives off vibes of rad electronic music associated with action, science-fiction, and horror film soundtracks of the 1980s. It's chill man. Calming. Cool 😎

With only 5 hours to go, that's a wrap on all the Mystery Slices. We unlocked them all! You did it!

Any additional slices to join the mix will be from the $300 "Custom Slice" Pledge Level. If your dream slice didn't make the final cut, consider choosing that Pledge Level and get exactly what you want!

Stay tuned and see what the final backer count and funding amount is.

Jason Furie 🍕




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