Jason Furie
over 1 year ago

Project Update: 🍕 Thank you all!

A big New York Style pizza slice thank you to all 489 of you who made this project happen! At the end of the day we raised $15,555 which is over 300% funded AND we unlocked each and every Mystery Slice. That last slice would not have happened without your extra help. I saw a lot of folks adding money to their pledge and upping their Pledge Levels in the last 24 hours. You rock 🤘

And on top of that TWO of you chose the "Custom Slice" Pledge Level which means I still have 2 new pizza slice designs to create. I'm not sure what those will be just yet, but they will be available for all to order once the surveys are sent. So stay tuned for that. I will reach out to the 2 backers soon so I can figure out what I'll be drawing.


  • Your payment method will be charged today (it may have already happened for some). You will receive a confirmation email when your pledge is successfully processed.
  • I'll need 2 weeks to make sure all payments go through and any failed payments get a chance to update their info.
  • I'll use this time to work out what the custom slices will be and share in an update when I create them.
  • I'm finalizing the mini pizza boxes now, they look AWESOME, and I will be sure to show you all the final box once I have them in hand. 
  • Once all the above is squared away, you will get a backer survey where you will be able to select exact options for your order, add items to your order, provide your current shipping address, and pay for shipping.

Alright, I need to go relax a little bit, that was a very fun campaign and I'm so very thankful you all helped bring Pizza Pinz to life. This has been a little dream of mine for years now and you are responsible for making it a reality.

Stay tuned pizza-lovers,
Jason Furie 🍕




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