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Project Update: Wolpertinger sweater reveal! 🐇🍓 (plush poll inside)

Happy Monday critters!

I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend and I hope this update brightens your Monday ever so slightly too 💖 To the surprise of absolutely no one we decimated yet another goal over the weekend and now I get to share another Charmsey masterpiece! My only requirement for this one was BUNNIES and boy did she deliver.

Here is the WIP sketch! Final design will be complete and shared before the campaign ends. Similar to the bat sweater the sleeve will feature the "vine" of a strawberry plant full of flowers and fruit.

She's also working on a complimentary pin!

Staying on theme I have a bit more wolpteringer news for you today. I feel like it was a bit unfair to ask you to vote on a design "site unseen" so let's change that! Below are my concepts for the cherry blossom and dragon fruit wolpertingers, both very pink and yet very different!

Cherry blossom wolpertinger would include some cute, decorative flowers on their horns while dragon fruit would have some unique, jagged ears designed to resemble their namesake. 

Please don't be too bummed if a design you love isn't chosen! This campaign is proof that no snughoul is ever truly forgotten, just waiting for their time to shine 😜

If cherry blossom wins, I'm also considering recycling dragon fruit and turning them into a bat instead! (Dragon FRUIT bat, geddit??? You get it.) Thoughts?

(Thanks to an excellent suggestion on instagram I've also added the Cozy Critter Bundle to the pledge level page-- includes one plush and one shirt at a slight discount!)

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