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Project Update: Final Plush Poll! Just 4 days and 4k to go!!! ⭐

Hello friends!

I know you're all on the edge of your seat to know who we unlock next, and with four days to go I think now is the opportune time to decide just that. Here are are last two adorably monstrous critters I have to share this pintopia-- Dragon Fruit Bat, and the return of Rosy Maple Mothman! 

Because I love them both, and because I love seeing everyone celebrate, if we reach 100k both plushies will be unlocked and not just the winner of this poll. 

I'm optimistic that we'll see some prototypes this week, and that this head start will make it possible to stay on schedule even with an additional plush thrown into the mix. 

Looking for something to do while you wait for your new friends to arrive? 

Some lovely members of the snughoul community took it upon themselves to organize an awesome fan sub on reddit and I highly recommend giving it a peek,

While I love backerkit as a platform, it has its limitations as a public forum and filling that void is where the subreddit comes in! The amount of creativity and talent this project has attracted continues to blow my mind and I look forward to seeing what everyone shares 💖
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