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Project Update: 6th Snughoul Unlocked! And Creature Feature: AuDHD Creatures ✨

Whoohoo critters!

We finally hit the 80k mark, meaning a 6th snughoul plush is UNLOCKED! Not only that but Rosy Maple made a stunning comeback in the polls so it looks like they'll be the one joining us first!

Remember if we hit 100k, I'll add Dragon Fruit Bat as well. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility, both before the campaigns official ending or after, during the preorder phase! 
We should also be getting a plushie update this week, and I'm looking forward to the boost of engagement that will trigger 💖

Now time for the last creature feature while the campaign is live! 

I'm SO excited to announce I'll be providing some guest art for AuDHD Creatures, a gorgeous and adorable collection of plushies with colors based on a variety of disabilities and conditions. 

I volunteered to draw Ash, the anxiety bunny moth! As someone who has dealt with anxiety all my life, it was an honor to draw them and be part of this project in some small way. You'll soon be able to grab both these designs as a pin, and charm/sticker respectively! 

Click the banner below to visit their campaign!




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