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8 months ago

Project Update: Playmat Unlocked! Let’s Talk TWO Stretch Goals!

Hello, backers! As we head into the exciting final days of this campaign, we’re excited to have unlocked yet another stretch goal:
Image of The Magnus Archives playmat
The playmat for The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game has been unlocked! It’s now available as an add-on. Even better: It’s been added automagically to the Avatar and Entity pledge levels. These levels were a great deal to begin with, and are now even better—if you’re not backing at one of those levels, you might want to think about an upgrade!

What’s next? We normally announce our goals one at a time—but in his recent interview on Cypher Unlimited Live, Monte might have let slip about a goal we’d like to hit, so let’s talk about that one, too.

How Would You Like Some Audio?

Next up: audio assets. We’ll work with Alex, Jonny, and our other friends at Rusty Quill to produce a suite of audio assets that will give your game an authentic The Magnus Archives feel. Play these files to add some background ambiance, to provide specific sound effects, or even to hear descriptions of key items, locations, or creatures in the voices you know from the podcast.

These audio files will be made part of The Magnus Archives Roleplaying Game, via a link provided in the corebook—so every backer’s rewards get better. We’ll unlock them at $1,700,000.

And Some Really Cool Props!?

Have a look at this:

That’s a prop set we made for Invisible Sun, another of our games. That prop set contains invitations, tickets, playbills, old letters, menus, business cards, signs, handbills, posters, train and theatre tickets, letterhead, brochures, postcards, pages torn from long-lost books, and more, all filled with mysteries, clues, and hooks.

Few things draw players into a game, and make their eyes light up at the game table, like well-crafted props—and The Magnus Archives is a great setting for including them. Imagine handing the players a Breekon and Hope bill of lading when they investigate that strange shipment mentioned in a recent statement. Or a business card found in the files of another case. These things give a sense of authenticity to your game and immerse the players in the creepy mystery of their investigations. We’d like to give you those props, and more, in a set very similar to the Invisible Sun props you see above.

The prop set will be available as an add-on, and included in the rewards at the Entity pledge level. We’ll unlock it at $1,850,000.

(If Invisible Sun looks intriguing to you, check this out!)

Can We Do It?


The final days of a campaign like this one are often some of the most exciting! Our crowdfunding campaign for the Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game received nearly $500,000 in pledges in the final four days, so it’s absolutely possible to unlock these goals—and maybe one or two more—before this campaign ends.

you help spread the word. Share this campaign on the social media platforms of your choice. There are still thousands of thousands of gamers out there who haven’t heard about it—or don’t realize how cool this game is going to be.
Thanks for your support!
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