Justin D. Jacobson (Board Game Necromancer)
9 months ago

Project Update: IMPORTANT and FUN: Call for Playtesters and a Plushie Poll

We've finished development of the alternative monthly quests and are ready to do some playtesting. So, we're looking for a few brave souls who would like to put these through their paces before we push it out to everybody. IMPORTANT: This playtest is only open to people who have an Android device and already own a copy of the game. If you do and would like to playtest build 1.2.7 with the new quests and some other updates, please complete this playtester application form. We are planning on sending out the playtest build by early next week.  

The call for playtesters is now closed. We'll be sending out the playtest materials to the playtesters some time next week.

On a separate note, we've been in contact with Makeship about doing one or more plushies of some of the cuties in our game. If you're not familiar with them, they run crowdfunding-esque campaigns to do plushie versions of characters from various games and other properties. They're big fans of Return to Dark Tower and reached out to see if we'd be interested in doing it. We thought you all might have fun with it and decided to make a poll to help decide who we "plushify". I tried to include our most iconic characters and ones who I thought would translate well into a plushie. If you have other suggestions, feel free to shout them out in the comments below.

Meanwhile, nothing new on the production side of things. We got a look at the production samples for Coffers 2, i.e., the plastic versions of the tokens, and they look great (NOT FINAL).
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