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Project Update: Midnight Mass in the Moonstone Temple

Great second day to the campaign and we're marching onward. Let's get right to it and have a look at two more monuments.

Sanctuary Monuments

As we revealed last time, there are two monuments associated with each basic building. Today, we're talking about the sanctuary monuments: the Moonstone Temple and the Argent Oak. If your kingdom gets assigned one of these, you'll have to get it built or head elsewhere if you need to get rid of those corruptions.

Moonstone Temple

The ancient art of astromancy used to be more prevalent. Given the right focus, it is said that astromancers could even move the stars in the night sky. One such focus was the Moonstone Temple. There, it is said that one could even stop time.

To gain offerings for this monument, you must finish a battle without using an advantage. None, not a single one. On the one hand, this is entirely within your control. On the other hand, you know it's going to come at cost. Choosing when you can take the hit will be crucial in getting it built without risking a loss.

After it is built, the Moonstone Temple can be very powerful. The built monument will trigger events that grant every hero a blessing (something we looked at in the Astromancer update). And it's enhanced Reinforce effect is the strongest effect we've ever put in the game. Spend the spirit, and you can Battle and Cleanse any number of times in a turn.

Argent Oak

The Druid’s Circle passes down the oral tradition of the Argent Oak, an ancient tree that grew to the heavens. The druids would come to this oak in times of trouble, and it would provide guidance and comfort. With some sacrifice, this tree may be revived to fight back against the Tower.

To gain offerings for this monument, you must gain a corruption, simple as that. (Reminder: It's a trigger, not a cost -- so you can't just choose to gain a corruption.) Again, you'll have to carefully balance when you're willing to pay the price and avoid sliding down a path to defeat while building it.

Once built, the Argent Oak is a powerful defensive building, allowing the players to come back from the brink of defeat. It's event lets the player who just took a turn to remove all skulls on or adjacent to them. (Though, as always, be careful camping out next to skulls lest foes strike before the event triggers). It's enhanced Reinforce effect lets you save spirit by spending items to remove corruptions instead. 

And let's also take a moment to check out those gorgeous sculpts by Pat Fahy and Josh Suyemoto. Can't wait to see some paint jobs on these.
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