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Project Update: Set Your Goals High

Let's start with the big goal we just hit: $1 million dollars. On a new platform, for a second printing, that's a huge achievement. It's a testament to the effort of all of the folks who contributed to making this game, the amazing support and work by the BackerKit team, and, of course, our amazing fans. Thank you so much for making this happen. While we're on the subject of goals....

New Main Goals

When we were designing Covenant, we noticed that some of the Main Goals didn’t work as well with this expansion. Some were confusing or required exceptions; some where effectively impossible. Rather than just tweaking a few, we took it as a sign from the Gods of Light that we should just do them all. So we set about writing all new Main Goals when playing with the Covenant expansion.

Important caveat: These are in early development, and we are just starting to test them (since they require a new test version of the app). It's likely that a few will change, but here’s the "elevator pitch" for the new main goals as they are now:

Gleb - Gleb the Outlaw King suggests finding his former allies. "They like to be on the move so you'll have to know where and when to find them." (Gleb will not be a companion at the start of the game).

Grigor - Grigor the Unbreakable suggests defeating the Tower's champion. Destroy the adversary's most powerful minion to lure them out of the Tower.

Hakan - The Tower is protected by a spectral spirit that haunts a lost tomb. Building monuments will help Hakan triangulate the tomb's location. Build three monuments to reveal the secret dungeon, then complete it!

Letha - Letha the Dryad thinks if we do not merely halt the wastes but reclaim them, the tower will open. Complete a monument and reseed the wastelands in that kingdom with siege trees.

Miras - Miras tells you "The Adversary has wards that make it hard to attack them. Our advantages won't work. We're going to have to do this the traditional way - with strong arms and boots on the ground. Station your warriors strategically about the kingdoms. I'll summon the Adversary when you're ready."

Tomas - Tomas has collected Gems of Power and tries to ferry them hidden among ordinary caravans. Guide these caravans to their villages to activate the gems.

Vasa - Vasa The Divine communes with the gods of light, but they are limited in their influence. Complete all monuments to return the gods to their glory so they can smite the Tower.

Yana - Yana tells you that the Adversary has grown too reliant on its foes. If you defeat 10 foes, the Adversary will have no choice but to leave the Tower. (Yana will not be a companion at the start of the game.)

Zaida - Zaida speaks to you in a dream. Spend treasures that match the adversary’s traits to work a spell to draw the Adversary out.

As you can see, with this batch of main goals, we're really trying to push the envelope of what they can look like and offer a wide variety of objectives to test your mettle. So, which one's the first one you're going to try out?
Goal: $1,000,000 reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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