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Project Update: It Takes a Village...

12,000 backers! Wow! This campaign keeps rolling along. Thanks for your continued support and helping us spread the word.

Meanwhile, the Restoration crew are at Gen Con, and we’re doing Covenant demos. Everyone whose tried it out has seen how much fun it is. You should see some more content rolling out after the show. Until then, let’s take a closer look at the village monuments.

Village Monuments

When using the Covenant expansion, at the start of the game, the app will tell you to replace a different building in each kingdom with a foundation for a monument. Each type of building has two options. In this case, the kingdom without a village will either be building the Colossus of Bjorn or the Endless Necropolis.

The Colossus of Bjorn

One of the most brilliant minds in the Four Kingdoms, Bjorn dedicated his life to creating this monument. Once built, Bjorn’s monument would have leapt to the defense of the Four Kingdoms, moving on its own. Unfortunately, its creator never saw it completed. Now it is up to you.

Heroes must lose 8 or more warriors in a battle to place offerings onto the Colossus. It demands sacrifice.

The Colossus is a sight to behold. When Heroes reinforce there, they may move the colossus to any space in the Four Kingdoms, taking themselves along. The warriors of the Kingdom are inspired by the Colossus and flock to the Heroes in that kingdom, bringing powerful blessings along with them.

Endless Necropolis

While conflicts between the Four Kingdoms were common, each warrior who fell in those battles was given a proper burial in the Endless Necropolis. Folk tales said that in a time of crisis, the souls and bodies of those warriors would rise to defend the Four Kingdoms. That time has come.

Heroes place an offering on this building any time they spend a treasure. Scrolls and other spenable treasures become much more valuable with the Necropolis in play.

After it is built, it becomes an infinite repository for skulls, no amount of skulls will cause the building to be destroyed. Additionally, if players want to get risky, they can leave skulls on the Necropolis waiting for its monthly event, where each hero gains warriors for each skull on the building.

Goal: 12,000 backers reached! — We did it! This project reached this goal!




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