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Project Update: Winners Never Quit

New hero: the Relentless Warden
“You cannot run faster than I can pursue”

The Relentless Warden was designed around the concept of a tracker/ranger -- someone who can stalk their quarry until it is defeated. This character is more cautious and tactical than the Brutal Warlord, but both help keep foes off the board through battling.

Who will like this character: People who like combat and straightforward hunting.

“Once I choose a quarry, its days are numbered."
The Warden has a quarry token, which she used to mark her current quarry. Her banner ability allows you to either place your token on a new foe, making it your quarry or move your current quarry two spaces. At the start of the game, the only way you get your token back is to defeat your current quarry.

The Perceptive virtue gives you a +1 Wild Advantage against your quarry. 

The Guarded virtue allows you to lose 3 fewer warriors losses on each battle card when you Battle your quarry. So you can go in with a small strike force.

“The Hunt is just the beginning”
The Relentless Warden’s other virtues let you interact with your quarry in different ways. Inspiring lets you remove all skulls on or adjacent to your space after you defeat your quarry.

If a foe has become powerful, take Instinctive. This allows you to remove your quarry token from your foe to ignore its strike event when it comes up (the strike events of the other foes of the same type will still occur). But this can be a game changer against the Titan or a dragon.

Or, if you want to defeat your quarry faster, take Keen-Eyed, which gives you an additional +2 Wild Advantages against your quarry.

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