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Project Update: Sunny Days and Nightmare Cages

Bazaar Monuments

When using the Covenant expansion, at the start of the game, the app will tell you to replace a different building in each kingdom with a foundation for a monument. Each type of building has two options. In this case, the kingdom without a bazaar will either be building the Nightmare Cage or the Arch of the Golden Sun.

The Nightmare Cage

The Nightmare Cage is a portal to a fiery dimension. The cultists who worship at the Nightmare Cage throw offerings into the void at the center of its maw. Brave heroes may venture into the maw in order to gain some of these treasures.
The Heroes must end their turn next to skulls to generate offerings to this building. 

After it is built, the heroes may sacrifice warriors to this building in order to eliminate foes from the board. Additionally, the app will generate new dungeons to delve and retrieve valuable resources from within.

Arch of the Golden Sun

The Arch of the Golden Sun was crafted by the archwrights of old. Back then, stories said that walking through the arch would bless the tools and instill the pilgrim with virtue. However, stories faded, and the arch fell into ruin. It would be a powerful tool against the Adversary if it can be repaired.

Building the Arch requires some forethought, as Heroes must stay in their space for an entire turn to create offerings.

Once built, the Arch gives a powerful event effect, and an even more powerful reinforce effect, both involving treasures. Each month, the Arch will deliver free treasures to a random hero. When reinforcing, players may spend 5 spirit to gain 2 treasures and a virtue. Better than reinforcing at a Citadel.





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