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Project Update: Skull Rhapsody: New Skull Pack Add-On Available

Just about ever since we released Return to Dark Tower, we've heard one thing over and over again: This is the greatest game ever made and easily my favorite game of all time -- a true work of genius. ;-)

The second most common refrain was: I WANT MORE SKULLS!

Now, our company policy has always been to replace lost or damaged parts at no charge. But no matter how much I told folks that, they kept saying: I WANT MORE SKULLS!

I have to admit, I'm not sure I 100% know why you want all those skulls, but never let it be said that we do not listen to our fans. So, by popular demand, we have added a "Skull Pack" to our add-ons in the campaign.

Each pack comes with 10 regular skulls and 2 of each of the colored skulls (including the doom skulls from the new Covenant expansion). They will be randomly done in the two different sculpts from the base game.

The price during as part of this campaign is $5. We will have some additional skull packs available on our website after backers are fulfilled; the price later will be $7.

OK, who's getting some skulls?

You can manually increase your pledge amount to cover the costs of a skull pack today. Then, after the campaign is over, you will formally specify your add-on selections in the pledge manager (and be able to add additional items to your order).

We’ve made it easy for you to add our most popular add-ons (skull packs and the neoprene board) to your pledge. Use these buttons to update your pledge by the amount required for these add-ons. Once you get to the Pledge Update page, just click on the Confirm Your Pledge button and you’re done.





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