Jason Taylor
over 1 year ago

Project Update: Breaking Out of the Same Old Same Old: New Adversary Quests

When we launched the game, we wanted to make sure that every game was different. Replayability was a primary design goal. We wanted to make sure folks were getting their money's worth. However, super-fans and keen-eyed players noticed a pattern after playing multiple games: The Adversary quests come out in the same order every time. Originally, we wanted to make sure that we could balance the difficulty of each month so that it scaled as the players got more powerful. After thousands of plays millions of bits of data, we’re much more comfortable with how monthly quests impact win rates and the overall play experience. We have a better understanding of when quests come out, what effects drive certain outcomes, and how we can scale their difficulty. With all that additional experience and knowledge, we knew we could get more creative in the Adversary's monthly machinations.

Ashstrider's laughter echoes throughout the kingdom as it relishes the destruction it has wrought.

So get ready for a whole new batch of monthly adversary quests. We're still crafting these and haven't finished testing them and, frankly, we don't want to spoil the surprises. So no big list of what's in store, but you can get a hint of what's to come in the image. After we finish developing and testing, we’ll roll the new quests out in a future app update. Then, in all games (base and expansions), instead of a set roster of quests, the adversaries will change how they attempt to stop you, choosing randomly from multiple options. Overall, the quests will become less predictable. Each adversary will have a pool of quests that the app will choose from each month. Your next play against Ashstrider may not begin with a quest to prevent more Rivers of Fire. Instead, it might find you avoiding adding a swath of skulls to the board. 

This means that experienced players won’t be able to predict how each Adversary will respond to them. Now, regardless of the combinations you use, there will be more replayability both for the adversaries and the main goals.




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