Justin D. Jacobson (Board Game Necromancer)
12 months ago

Project Update: App Update! What's new in the latest version?

We've submitted an update to the app across the iOS, Android, and Amazon app stores, which should show up shortly. Here's what's new:

Updated the Tower event screen to clarify which seal to remove. Some folks have difficulty seeing exactly which seal to remove during the "A Seal Is Broken" event. The app screen now shows which seal should be removed.

Rebalanced four-player games to give more turns in earlier months. After gathering tons and tons of game data, we determined that the game scaled a little too difficult at four players. In a four-player game, players will not be able to get less than 8 turns in months 2 and 3. We also slowed down the foe cadence slightly. These changes only apply to heroic difficulty. If they result in you finding the game too easy, it's time to give gritty difficulty a try.

Added win/loss text to the End Game screen specific to the Adversary. Finally! You now get custom win/loss text based on the chosen adversary. No spoilers, but I think Isa's loss text might be my favorite.

Lots of bug fixes. Among other things, we changed the way Tower states are stored in saved games. Games could get stuck in an incorrect state if exited during an event chain that included a Rotate Tower event.

Polished a number of screens. (Gain 1 spirit if you can spot the changes.)

We hope you enjoy these updates.




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