Justin D. Jacobson (Board Game Necromancer)
over 1 year ago

Project Update: RETAILERS: Locking Orders on Friday, January 13

Quick update to our retailers. We will be locking orders down on Friday, January 13 (sometime during mid-morning after I get up). If you have been continuing to take preorders or want to make any last-minute changes, now is the time to get that done. So, please go into BackerKit and finalize your orders.

We will NOT be charging cards at that time. We just need to lock down the counts to finalize manufacturing. We will charge cards for the orders when the games are ready to ship from the factory, which should be some time in March. (We will not charge for shipping until the games are ready to ship from the fulfillment hubs to you, at which time we will confirm the cheapest and best way to ship them.)

If you have any questions or problems completing your order, please contact BackerKit support. If you're still having trouble or have an unrelated question, please email [email protected].




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