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Gilded Dragons

Gilded Dragons

Unleash the dragons, grow your hoard! Adopt these shiny dragon pins. 9 dragon designs unlocked & extremely close to final stretch goals! Unlock the FREE (3+ tiers) glitter guardian and Ltd. Ed 3D dragon pin!
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Pintopia 2024
#Dark Fantasy

This project is part of Pintopia 2024, which runs from March 28th - April 18th 2024. The more Pintopia pins you back, the more FREE pins you can earn ✨ Learn more →


  • Do you love dragons? (Of course you do!)
  • How about shiny new pins? (Who doesn't?)
  • Does your hoard *aka pin collection* need new shiny dragon pins? (Most definitely!)

Welcome to the Gilded Dragon Pintopia Adventure! 

Adventure through this campaign and fill your hoard with shiny new dragon friends! Adopt as many as you like and help unlock the cages to more dragon designs as the campaign grows! Plus vote on your favourite designs as we unlock new dragons with Stretch goals!


But there's more! We are so close to unlocking TWO brand new designs. A golden glitter mini pin which will be FREE for all 3+ tiers when we hit 300 backers AND a 3D limited edition dragon!

Most of the dragons are inspired by the dragon art from my 2023 Kickstarter campaign, Gilded Dragons. And this time they wanted to come play as shiny new pins! All designs are original and drawn by a human (That is me!). While we start with a limited number of pins, you can buy as many as you want. So, if you back a higher tier, and we only unlock 3 pins, you can simply get duplicates of your favourites! You will get to choose your designs in the pledge manager after the campaign ends.

Important: All art are mock-ups only and the final design might look slightly different!

First released 2023 in my Gilded Dragons Kickstarter campaign. Limited edition of 100. Only 50 left.

This beautiful pin is a limited edition of only 100 pins - EVER. I will never print this pin as a 3D dragon pin ever again. It is 1.5 " and has 2 metal clutches. It comes in a black velvet bag for added elegance. But don't wait, I only have 50 copies left! Don't miss adding this shiny dragon to your pin hoard! To get this pin you have to choose the limited edition tier, and add any additional pins in the add-ons section as it is not part of the add-ons! You can still save on other pins by bundling your add-ons.

In a dragon universe, you need a universe dragon! (Or two)

The Celestial Dragon✨

The universe of dragons is vast, why not add this pocket sized celestial dragon to your dragon universe? This dragon is super special. Why? Because I love all the extra fancy elements and I just NEED this little dragon in my own hoard...I mean, you need it in your hoard. Other than the fact that it is absolutely adorable, it has cool elements like a transparent dragon (just like in my original art), purple glitter sky (just like the stars of a night sky) and finally a glow-in-the-dark moon! You can purchase it by itself, or when you back both my and Maybel's campaigns, you get this little guy for FREE!

🎇UNLOCKED!🎇  This little beasty was inspired by the year of the dragon celebrations and art. And what is shinier than glitter? If we hit 100 backers this little pin will be unlocked and added to the FIRST 25 BACKERS WITH 3+PINS FOR FREE! It has red glitter which sparkle like the fireworks used for new years celebrations! So don't wait, snag one of those top 25 spots now!

UNLOCKED- Tea Dragon✨ Unlocked at $1300

🎇UNLOCKED - Mushroom Dragon 🎇 Unlocked at $2000

🎇UNLOCKED - Skull Dragon🎇 Unlocked at $3000

🎇UNLOCKED - Fairy Dragon 🎇 Unlocked at $4500

🎇UNLOCKED - Forest Dragon 🎇 Unlocked at $5500

🎇UNLOCKED - Mechanical Dragon 🎇 Unlocked at $7000

🎇UNLOCKED - Book wyrm 🎇 Unlocked at $8500

Dream Stretch Goals - unlock TWO golden glitter dragon pin designs! 


You bet! This adventure will leave no rock unturned, no dungeon uncrawled, and no library unexplored. As the campaign grows, new pin designs will be added! So be sure to back early so we can unleash as many shiny dragons into the wild, I mean into your hoard as we can!
Here are a few illustrations you will get to vote on, which I can convert into pins for your hoard!

Mechanical SteamPunk Dragon

When the dragon & the hoard become indistinguishable you get the steampunk dragon. Bringing extra shiny art to your hoard!

Steampunk Dragon unlocks at $13000

Back in the first 48 hours and get a random dragon postcard featuring one of the illustrations which inspired the pins!

Returning backer reward


Gilded Dragons Art book✨

Most of my pins are inspired by my art book "Gilded Dragons". These dragons were unleashed to their forever homes back in 2023, but the art lingered and the dragons demanded a shiny new adventure.

If you love the pins, you will love the art book! Perfect for any dragon/art book collector. The only way to get a signed copy from my art books is through my crowdfunding campaigns and in-person events. And since most of you likely live in some far off world, this is your best bet!

And for the first time ever, I'm printing this art book in hardcover! Signed & numbered special editions. PLUS brand new cover art with the book wyrm I illustrated during this campaign! And 3+ brand new illustrations inside!


✨Gilded Dragons postcards & art prints✨

But why stop at the artbook. Sure it is the ultimate addition to any dragon lovers hoard, and I highly recommend you get the hardcover version! But I have smaller dragon portraits for your treasury as well!

Choose from art prints (8x10) of any of the dragons, or small postcards (4x6) to send as a little note to the dragon lover in your life.

Since there are so many dragons to choose from, the final selection will be made in the pledge manager after the campaign. So for now you just have to choose how many dragons you want to decorate your halls and your personal library!

✨Gilded Dragons pillow cases✨

Another less shiny but equally awesome add-on is my 18x18 Dragon pillow cases! These velvety soft dragons are perfect for any dragon lovers home. Elevate your decor with a snuggly dragon. Comes with all the snuggle and none of the struggle! Multiple designs to choose from, and you get to pick which dragon to adopt in the pledge manager after the campaign! 


For this campaign, tiers are split in 4 categories:

Gilded Dragon pins✨

Select how many pins you want to buy from the unlocked designs. The more you buy, the more you save! Note these tiers DO NOT include the limited edition dragon pin as an option! If you back more pins than unlocked designs, or you just really want more than one of a single design, you can duplicate any pin you love. Selections made in pledge manager after the campaign ends.

  • 1 Gilded dragon pin - $23
  • 2 Gilded dragon pin - $40 (save $6)
  • 3 Gilded dragon pin - $59 (save $10)
  • 4 Gilded dragon pin - $78 (save $14)
  • 5 Gilded dragon pin - $97 (save $18)
  • 6 Gilded dragon pin - $116 (save $22)
  • 7 Gilded dragon pin - $135 (save $26)

Limited edition 3D Dragon pin✨

Grab one of the last copies of the limited edition 3D pins. You can still save when you add the other pins as add ons! ONLY 50 available 
  • 1x 3D limited edition Moon dragon pin - $27

✨"Gilded dragons" Hardcover art book✨

Pins aren't your thing but you love dragon art? Then choose this tier! Available as an add-on as well for the pin lovers! - $65 For the first time I am releasing it as a signed /numbered hardcover!

Custom Pin Tier - $650✨

Have you ever wanted a custom pin based on your idea? Well now you can! You can commission a pin design from me to add to the campaign or choose any of the locked designs to automatically unlock! Or, if you really want to unlock one of the designs you can do so with this tier! Your pledge will cover all production costs for a single design.
For this tier you will get a 1 on 1 video call with me (the artist) to discuss your vision for your pin. I will then design the pin based on your idea and you will give the final approval at which point I will send it to the manufacturer. 

Your commission will include: 

  • 1 on 1 consultation call 
  • Custom commission  
  • Ten copies of the custom/unlocked pin 
  • A signed art print of the design as well as any original sketches if any
  • Your pin will also come with a printed certificate of authenticity (a 5x7 card) signed by me
  • One of each unlocked pins from the campaign
  • The pins will be a limited edition of 100
  • Your choice of up to two special effects: Pearlescent, Glitter, Glow in the Dark, Transparent and up to 5 colours.
  • Up to 1.5" inch design with 2 metal clutches

Please note pins will be based on my style of art and the pins you see here, but does not have to be a dragon.


Do you like FREE pins? (Who doesn't?)

I am thrilled to have been invited to participate in Pintopia 2024! And, super excited to have been partnered with the incredibly talented Maybel's Art!

When you back both our campaigns, and if we both fund, you will get BOTH of these pins added to your hoard for FREE! That is 4 pins for the price of 2!

While the celestial dragon pin is available as one of the unlocked designs, you can get it FREE when you back both my and Maybel's campaigns! Each of these will be shipped with any other pins you buy from us. More pintopia information below!

All about me & why you should buy shiny treasure from me!

Hi, I'm Therena. Normally, I prefer to hide in my cave where I can avoid people while I create fantasy art and write fantasy novels. But occasionally I emerge from the dark to interact with awesome people like you through my campaigns.

I have run 6 successful Kickstarter campaigns so far. Ranging from Epic fantasy novels, to photography art books, an oracle deck, a kids' book and, of course, my illustrated dragon art book! As you can see, I am a multi-disciplinary artist who draws, writes and makes books. I am no stranger to crowdfunding and pride myself with perfection and quality. And while this is my first official pin campaign, I have created a pin in the past and have full confidence in my manufacturer and ability to manage this campaign!

I have an obsession with dragons. (In case that wasn't obvious yet.) And I have my own growing hoard of dragon pins! It is what inspired me to try my own hand at them after all! And if it wasn't for the high manufacturing cost I would run pin campaigns all the time!

I live on the beautiful Vancouver island, Canada, with my husband and 3 kids, who are all eagerly awaiting their own share of dragon pins! (Perks of having an artist mom, I guess ^_^) But they are my biggest cheerleaders, and as such they each have their own growing hoard of dragons.

I am a geek at heart, I have loved fantasy long before it was the cool thing to do. My entire world is saturated with fantasy themes, and I am thrilled to have you along for this adventure!

If you love my art, I want to invite you to follow me online.

🐉My art shop has a lot of other awesome stuff you can buy!
💌Join my Museletter for weekly art!
📖My Patreon has exclusive and early release content!
🎨And if you like social media, I can be found on Instagram.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!

I'm sure it comes as no surprise that creating pins can become quite costly. While I am fortunate enough to have the art, I don't have a treasure hoard large enough to fund the shinies. Which is where crowdfunding comes in. Each dragon that unlocks pays for the manufacturing cost as well as the crowdfunding fees. With your help, these little dragonlings can become a reality. And it is my experience that the community of people who crowdfund are the best type of people out there! 

I love crowdfunding myself, as it helps me discover new creators and to be able to support them directly vs paying large companies for the hard work of artists and creators. Crowdfunding is also my favourite way of connecting with new fans! 

If you are new to Backerkit, or crowdfunding in general, it can be a confusing process. So I'm here to help. 

  • 1 - a creator sets a funding goal ($1300 in my case) based on the bare minimum cost of creating the awesome stuff (books & pins for me!)
  • 2 - the campaign runs for a few days (21 for this campaign) at which point a creator tries to gain as many "pre-orders" also known as backers. The more we get the better, as it not only supports us, but often helps unlock awesome cool things like new pin designs for you. 
  • 3 - When you back a campaign, you aren't charged until two things are met: the funding goal and the last day of the campaign. So while you pledge early, you won't get charged unless enough backers support the campaign and not until the very end (April 18th). You only pay if the campaign is a success!
  • 4 - Backerkit then collects all funds (we aren't involved with that process) and it takes about 2 weeks to get to me. 
  • 5 - Once I have the funds I start ordering books, pins, stretch goals & add-ons. Since everything is already designed it's a simple matter of knowing how much to order. 
  • 6 - Manufacturing varies on the items with pins taking the longest (about 6 weeks from the time I order till I receive it) which will put us about 8 weeks post campaign at this point. 
  • 7 - About 4 weeks after the campaign I'll send out a survey (Backerkit) to get addresses. You will have the opportunity to order some extra goodies and add-ons at this point. You'll also give your information to pay for shipping. Once again, you aren't charged until I am ready to ship everything to you. 
  • 8 - About 8-10 weeks after the campaign, once everything is sorted, packed and ready to ship I will charge for shipping. This is done through Backerkit and you will get reminder emails. 
  • 10 - then it's a matter of sitting back and waiting for your awesome stuff to arrive! You should have everything sometime in August/September 2024 depending where you live!

As a backer of over 180 Kickstarter campaigns, I know the importance of transparency and communication. This is my 7th campaign, with 6 successful ones under my belt. I have learned a thing of two about making sure I give my backers the best experience possible!

For this reason, I try to have as much work done before I even create a campaign! That means that for the exception of the custom pin design tier or extra stretch goals, all the pins are already designed, and have gone through at least one round of communication through my manufacturer to make sure that the designs actually work!

This gives me the confidence to know that I can offer your shiny new pins in a semi predictable fashion (Barring acts of god, wars, another outbreak of the plaque or a sudden shortage of metals...). Based on these experiences, here is my anticipated timeline to get your treasure to you:

  • Funds should arrive about 14 days post campaign. During this time I will finish the hardcover artbook art.
  • All pins will be ordered at this time - manufacturing the pins take about a month to 6 weeks after final design has been approved. Art books will be ordered around mid-May.
  • While we wait for pins to be forged in the forges of awesome, I will send out a survey where you will have another opportunity to add on any extra treasure. I will be ordering any additional items such as books etc people have added to their hoard at this time as well. (Please note, surveys will be sent around 1 week post campaign so I can get a better idea of how many pins to order based on pupularity.)
  • All pins will be shipped to m  around the end of June.(Takes about 2-3 weeks)
  • While I wait for pins to arrive, any books should be arriving and I will start sorting and signing additional add-ons.
  • I should receive pins between 10-12 weeks post campaign. (Provided the dragon-post fairies cooperate!)
  • Sorting the pins will depend on how many designs we unlock and how many backers there are. I am giving myself about 3-5 weeks to do this to account for any life events during this time. 
  • Shipping will be charged separately at this time through Backerkit. And addresses locked. 
  • Pins should start shipping about 14-18 weeks after the campaign ends! I hope to start shipping everything before Halloween!
  • Shipping is untracked and will vary by country. But typically last between 1-4 weeks. However the option to upgrade to tracking will be available as an add-on in the pledgemanager.
  • All packages will be shipped from Canada (Where I live). 

Shipping will be based on weight per country and final fees determined after the campaign ends when I have a better idea of how many pins people have and how much they weigh! There is a $5 packaging fee plus the following for shipping. These are rough estimates only based on previous book campaigns:

  • Canada - $7-20
  • USA - $10-25
  • Europe - $15-30
  • Africa/Australia - $20-35

Shipping with books - add $15-25 per book. Varies by country and book.

Backer Responsibility

As a backer you are responsible for completing your survey and paying shipping fees within a timely manner, to receive your rewards. As creators we are only able to communicate with backers through project updates and reminder emails (email correspondence will be sent to the email on file for your pledge). As a backer it is your responsibility to check and read project updates, and to check for survey emails. If you fail to stay updated and do not complete your survey, you could forfeit your rewards. (Read more about reward forfeiture below)

Forfeiture of Rewards
Once the project shipping is completed backers will be notified via a campaign update. This campaign update will have a final survey completion date. If your survey is not completed by this date, and your shipping costs not paid, you will forfeit your pledge payment and rewards. I will not fulfill forfeited rewards and pledge levels after the completion date.

Lost or never received packages - Forfeiture of rewards
I make every attempt to get your package from my home to yours. However, sometimes packages are lost in the mail. I will notify backers with an update when the project is near completion and rewards shipped. If you have not received your package by the completion of the shipping process, you will have an extended period of 1 month to contact me about a missing package. If you do not contact me within that extended period of time about a lost or never received package, you will forfeit your rewards and I will not provide a refund or re-ship your rewards.

Damaged pins
If your pins arrive damaged you will need to contact me with images within the same 1 month timeline as above. I will do everything in my power to make it right. However, I am not responsible for damaged pins due to wear or use. And I will not replace pins after this one month time has passed.

Please note that a large part of the pin-making process is still done by hand, and as such some pins might have minor scuffs or 'imperfections', or colours may vary by a degree (colours are still hand mixed pigment!). Consider these "little touches of love" by human hands. For there is beauty in each unique scuff. However, your pin should not be falling apart when you receive it! 

Welcome to Pintopia — a celebration of creativity and collaboration from a diverse group of artists collectively running enamel pin crowdfunding projects from March 28th - April 18th.

Freebie Cross-Collaboration Pins — All 121 Pintopia creators have paired up with a fellow participant to create two unique pin designs together. If BOTH projects reach their initial funding goal, backers who support BOTH will get the TWO [2] cross-collab pins for FREE! One from each creator. The more pairs of Pintopia creators you support, the more free pins you will earn ✨

As a fellow shiny dragon hoarder, here's the campaigns I have my eyes on!

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