Crowdfunding Favorites

You’ve seen other minimalist wallets that solve specific problems… but what if you could build the perfect wallet for yourself? Meet MagSnap Wallet, an ultra-minimal, ultra-thin, and ultra-versatile wallet. Create your own perfect wallet recipe using any one of the 4 modules available in different styles and finishes. 

Surprise! Four Secret Novels
$28.5M raised so far! Brandon Sanderson is back with 4 secret books and swag boxes.
Tang Garden: Seasons
Blink & you’ll miss it! Ends at noon! The last expansion for Tang Garden.
abby: The All-In-One Grow Box
JUST LAUNCHED! Built-in 5 environment sensors. No soil needed.
JUST LAUNCHED! A stealth epic with 600 accordion-folded pages by Ronald Wimberly.
Great Sound 丨 Ergonomic Design 丨 Withstands Any Weather 丨 Compact
Crystal Ice – JUST LAUNCHED!
Crystal resin stands for polyhedral dice sets. Check out all the stunning colors. 
Larger full HD display | 85% screen-to-body ratio | Smaller magnet system | 4 new colors
Milando’s Guide – NEW!
A 5E sourcebook with unique magical concepts, exciting adventures, NPCs, & more
SVBS | Revolutionary Boxers
The most revolutionary underwear on Earth. A new kind of underwear with 10 features.
Steve Jackson’s Munchkin
FINAL 24 HOURS! The Dark Knight meets the gameplay of Munchkin in this fun game.
The See-Everything Smart Lock
3-in-1 Combination | 2K Resolution Camera | 0.3s Fingerprint Recognition Smart Lock
CBR+PNK: Augmented
A TTRPG for one-shot cyberpunk action using streamlined Forged in the Dark rules.
Hoverpen 3.0 – LAST CHANCE!
Minimalist fountain pens and balIpoint pens engineered to defy gravity.
Ahau – FINAL 24 HOURS!
Euro-style strategy game with dual engine-building & worker placement elements. 
Sunken Isles – FINAL 24 HOURS
A 5E magical adventure setting for GMs & Players, filled with new locations and more.
The EZ Treat
A one-hand operated dog treat dispenser that gives a single serving of treats on-demand.
Remarkable Guilds GM guide
Your sourcebook for roleplaying benevolent fantasy guilds & more.
A teeny Universal 22-in-1 Cleaning & Maintenance Kit for cameras & electronics.

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