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 Gaming Favorites

New from Restoration Games!! The classic 1986 game about the world’s most lethal car race is revved up and reloaded! Jim Keifer’s classic is back in all its dusty, blood-splattered glory — now with a thorough tune-up from designers David Chalker and Brett Myers and a fresh coat of paint from artist Marie Bergeron. Start your engines because Thunder Road: Vendetta is here!

Dandelions & Psychic Pizza
Just Launched!  Dandelions & Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town. 
Paint the Roses
Just Launched! Stay one step ahead of the Queen of Hearts in this co-op board game.
Iron Kingdoms Borderlands
Just launched! A 5E Roleplaying Game expansion for the Iron Kingdoms: Requiem.
A persistent-world, asymmetrical, and cooperative board game in a fantasy world.
The Practical Guide
250+ pgs with all the tools you need to begin & master the GM journey!
MET Vampire: The Masquerade
Elevate your role-playing experience and expand the World of Darkness.
Roll Camera! Reprint & Exp.
The filmmaking board game is back with a B-movie bang! Reprint & Expansion!
Keep the Heroes Out
Heroes are better served roasted in this cooperative dungeon defense game.
Mutated Monsters
Just Launched! Upgrade and enhance your DnD 5e Monsters with this epic book.
Level Up: Advanced 5E
Standalone advanced 5E tabletop RPG which adds depth & diversity to the game you love! 
ATLAS – Just Launched!
Level up your table with huge, printed maps, game-ready encounter cards, & stickers!
The Worldbuilder’s Journal
Just Launched! A customized worldbuilding journal with 60 hand-illustrated pages.
Perpetuity: Grave Descent
Just Launched! New science-fiction worker placement game with a KS Deluxe Edition.
Age of Sails and Dice
Just Launched! Hand-painted Age of Sail ships inside handcrafted sharp edge dice. 
I Am Fun Size – The Book!
Thoughts from a tiny human on living a giant life – inspired by the YouTube series!
Beware of Bears
It’s like Russian Roulette – Bear Style. Strategy, disaster, laughs, sabotage & more.

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