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We, as BackerKit, stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. We stand against racism and anti-blackness, police brutality, and the systemic racial injustices that the Black community faces. We are highlighting Black creators and their projects. You can read our statement here.

Fans of Wakanda and Star Trek, get ready to explore the diverse planet of Musalia in Into The Mother Lands! Made by a team of POC RPG designers, the gameplay of this sci-fi odyssey RPG focuses on cultures, the blending of human and alien technology, and interstellar exploration.

Read, Write & Count in Nubian
4 illustrated kids books promoting reading in Nubian, one of Africa’s oldest languages.
Monsters of Murka
A 5e supplement with big gay energy, taking place in a satirical, high-fantasy New York.
Black Woman-Owned Bakery
East Austin needs cakes for all occasions & a sweet mentorship program for entrepreneurs.
B.O.O.K. Library Residency
A series of residencies inviting Black artists from the Midlands to self-determine.
Legba’s Juke Joint Book 2
Story continues with singer, Ophelia Jones, trying to make her way back into the spotlight.
From Boom Bap to Trap
The ultimate tribute to hip-hop’s greatest producers from the famous to the slept-on.
I Need You To Know A-Z
A celebration of black & brown children with positive affirmations speaking to diversity.
Black Podcasting Awards
Support a bigger awards cycle celebrating & spotlighting Black podcasts and their teams.
After the Laughter
An art show of the Duluth Lynchings & how they relate to the tragedy in Minnesota now.
Disparity Trap Board Game
The dice are in your hands, but the odds are not in this socially conscious board game.

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Interview: Coyote & Crow

We recently spoke with Coyote & Crow creator Conner Alexander, a Cherokee Nation citizen, about his game, his crowdfunding journey, and cultural representation in the tabletop industry.





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