August 2020 – State-Based Shipping Fees & More

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Product Updates covers what the BackerKit team has been building for BackerKit Launch, Performance Marketing (Ads and Newsletter), and Pledge Manager, as well as global BackerKit account changes to better serve Kickstarter and Indiegogo crowdfunding creators.





  • Import project notification: BackerKit now sends an email asking you to import your project in Launch email if you have an “upcoming project on Kickstarter”. BackerKit also no longer sends the email if you have already imported your project.


Performance Marketing Ads & Newsletter

  • USD conversion: On the referrals page, the USD conversion is now better clarified.


Pledge Manager

  • State based shipping fees (BETA): With the help of our team, creators can now set up shipping regions using US states and Canada regions.
  • Undo a tracking CSV upload based on segments: If a creator accidentally uploads a CSV of tracking numbers, they can now choose to undo it for one segment of backers.
  • One project navigation: If a creator has one project in BackerKit, they will now be directed to the index page of their projects, instead of defaulting to the pledge manager dashboard.