BackerKit Changelog: August 2017

Dan Goldenberg
BackerKit, Product Manager

Changelog highlights recent additions to the BackerKit backer management system.

Advanced Segment Tools

  • Creators can now view which segment a backer is in on the “segments” tab when viewing a backer.

Pre-Order Referral Tracking

  • The pre-order “Stats” page now shows the referring site that generated a pre-order. Creators can use this to track the success of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Mailing List Exports

  • Creators can export a list of mailing list signups from their pre-order page.

Project Updates

  • Manually added backers and mailing list subscribers to now receive kickstarter/indiegogo updates.
  • Creators can disable this in their settings.

Accounting Report Improvements

  • Accounting reports now show the timestamp when each backer was charged.


  • Creators can no longer delete answers to questions that backers have selected.
  • Creators can now remove unused shipping regions on shipping tables.
  • Various UX and UI improvements for backers going through the survey.


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